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Artificial Lighting or illumination is the deliberate application of light to achieve some practical and aesthetic effect with use of sources such as lamps and light fixtures. Without proper design, energy can be wasted by using too much light, or using outdated lighting technology. Proper artificial lighting can enhance task performance, improve the appearance of an area, and have positive psychological effects on occupants.Therefore Artificial Lighting is a key part of interior design and landscape projects to create an aesthetic ambiance without compromising on the functionality aspect of light.

We at Hannover with over 22 years of creating Artificial Lighting Experience areproviding aesthetic yet practical lighting solutions to our clients.We have the complete range in Down Lights, Spot Lights, Bay Lights, Landscape Lights, Decorative Lights, Strip Lights, Tube Lights, LED Lights, and other decorative light fixtures,which we recommend for Offices, Apartments, Villas, Manufacturing & Factory sites, Retail spaces, Indoor & Outdoor Architectural Lighting,etc.

Our focus is towards promoting energy saving, cost saving, environmental friendly Artificial Lighting Technology - LED. We can provide you with LED lighting solution for whatever the application whether office spaces, residential spaces, retail spaces, malls, stadiums, hotels, streets, etc.

Lighting as we perceive, is an art of orchestration between Light & Shadow, and Hannover Trading LLC is your conductor for this orchestration.
We Support Environment Friendly Energy Sources
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